Another MC fanvid of mine.

bg song: FOOLISH  By: Kim Gun Mo

Sidenote: I am currently obsessed with this song. The melody is hauntingly bittersweet and the lyrics is heart-wrenching. Takes every ounce of your living existence to hear this song and not be affected. Double-effective if you watch/hear this during gloomy rainy season (like currently the weather in my area…)

WARNING: I am not responsible for any emotional distress caused by the overwhelming love + support for Monday *monggg* Couple. Seeing SJH + KG upclose for me was a dream that was too good to be true and recently, I went to LeeSsang showcase and left with euphoria in my heart (not to mention, I touched him so many times LMAO so perversive)


iPhone covers? skins?


I wanted to create one for myself but i thought it’d be nice to share my stuff around in print among the fandom.

Would you wanna buy one for yourself or as a gift to fellow MC fans?

If I get a good response from this, I may get this done in bulk and in lowered price. YAY!

If not, i’ll just get this done for myself.

PS. I’ll try to do more graphics myself but if you hate it, you can go for the HQ pics i can get my hands on. I’ll present more previews if you guys like this. 

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"Even in death, her heart lived for him…"

Background song:되돌리다 “Return” by Lee Seung Gi.

A Monday Couple fanvidslashfanfiction: Song ji Hyo’s perspective.

[Pls view this video here and not in extended screen cos it’s not in HQ.]

The mysterious end of that season
I think, did I really love you?
Somewhere, all those times that we were together
I look back to those times, as if I could touch it, as if it was yesterday

Her spirit lay restless. Her beating heart don’t ache anymore. It just stopped beating.

But the gaping hole in her chest is doubtfully real. Has she not escaped from the clutches of despair already?

As she reminisce bits and pieces of her old life, she realized the only person that truly cared for was KANG GARY. 

She misses the small gestures he does for her; how come she didn’t notice its significance way back then….. when she was still alive. Next to him.

Now it’s all too late. Her spirit guides her aimlessly through this mortal world; an attachment to this world meant that he still has a hold over her heart.

If only she didn’t met with that accident.

If only she hadn’t give up on life.

If only she had showed him her true heart.

"Now, let my soul rest in peace.

Oppa, lead a happy life without me.

You can let me go now.”

Note: Ok this fanvid/fanfiction is sooo random on my part. Must be my PMS-weepy-sadfucked-emotions driving me insane. Oh, and also.. reeling from RM fanmeet post-withdrawal symptoms. Aigoo! :S